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Our marklars are at your service for your digital needs in games and development.

**We are not really marklars, but that’s a secret between us.**

Who are we and what do we do?

We are devinehq, a small multi media team of marklars that supports mostly everything in online gaming till game support and development. We create Gameplay for development purposes as well for our fans on gaminghq. We already made several game developers and costumers happy with their request.


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What did other costumers says about our services?

These marklars have made my work easier then ever before. Fast service for a perfect price!

tessa verstappenNeeded a Webdesignanonymous

Superfast service, that’s what we need from a partner

Team semperfiSemperfi Gaming

Within 48, we already had the needed translated files back so we could support the game in their own language.

Catan universeGame translation checkCatan universe

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Our top 4 most used services

These are our 4 most used services our costumers needed from us. However, we have more services yet to discover. Interested in a trip to our service section? Let’s hop in!

Game translations

Games being translated so the dutch would enjoy? Yes, our marklars can do the job!

Awesome graphics

Awesome designs for social media such as youtube, facebook, twitch and more.

Game promotions

Game developers who loves to send up their games for beta gameplay for development purposes.

Review writing

We take gameplay seriously, even our reviews are made from steel or made by other marklars to promote our customer their products.

Any questions?

When you have any questions, you can always send them up by email. We always try to answer back within 24 hours. Sometimes, our alien hardware doesn’t reach earth.

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