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Game translations

The marklar team takes care of game translations from games worldwide. We did idle miner tycoon, Catan universe and several other closed alpha versions. We are able to translate the games through our powerful mind control. Feel free to ask more about our service through our support section or email us!

The game list of games that we already translated before

  • Idle miner tycoon – English > Dutch
  • Catan universe – English > Dutch
  • Gold miner App – English > Dutch ( old school game remastered for mobile phone )
  • Dance la Mash app ( discontinued ) – English > Dutch

Image designing

When it comes on the images of social media, in-game prefab design with Radiant or gamer ware, the marklars knowing how to deal with it for the perfect solutions in your request.

We like to keep things simple, tight but also perfect for recreations if needed by your own developing team. We try to make the best out for our costumers their wishes.

Alpha/Beta testing

Marklars loves new content to play, record it and send over its content when bugs/glitches are found. We use youtube as our upload source and playing everything in hiding while only you will be able to watch them with your developing team.

We already support several games with hardcore beta testing. Trying to break the game, abuse the system and reported them for fixing purposes. We talking about games such as

  • War Frame
  • Archeage
  • Mental omega mod ( Red alert 2 fanmade mod extension )
  • OpenRCT2 ( open source project of game improvements for roller coaster tycoon 2 )

Other services

We are not only doing everything gaming, But also music podcasts, creations of templates for the mafia creator community, support in WordPress and more. Our marklars are partnered with several developers including our own hosting expert.

The marklar team loves so much more

  • Game reviewing
  • Gadget reviewing
  • Game Community support

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